Condo Trail Dead Elm Tree Removal

The Waterfront Trail (Condo Trail) between Marathon Beach and Timmins Street will be closed from November 13 to December 01, 2017 for the removal of dead trees that pose a safety risk to trail users.

In August The Parks Crew thoroughly inspected all of the trees along this section of the Condo Trail, resulting in the identification of a number of dead trees. Most of the dead trees are elms which have been killed by Dutch Elms disease, an invasive, highly infectious fungal disease that is spread by beetles. The fungus causes wilting and browning of the leaves. Infections usually are fatal and the tree dies within one to three years. Despite years of research there is nothing that can stop this disease which is prevalent in the area.

Only the dead trees will be removed at this time with a plan already in place to replace these trees with other native tree species. The remaining trees along this trail will continue to be carefully monitored and evaluated.