Memorial Gardens Update

Late Thursday afternoon some drywall cracking occurring in the bulkheads constructed slightly below the underside of the roof structure over the upper level suites was noticed during regular maintenance in the Memorial Gardens.  Due to the amount of snow that has been received and accumulated on the roof this winter it was determined to engage a structural engineer.

These areas were visually reviewed by the structural engineer and noted as non-structural cracks.  The drywall installation did not account for the normal movement (flexing) of the structural braces piercing the drywall when the braces are under load.  The structural engineer also visually reviewed other areas within the arena and found no evidence of structural distress and concluded that the facility is safe for public occupancy. 

Due to the substantial volume of snow and ice that has been retained on the roof over this winter period, it was determined that roof snow and ice be removed to reduce the loading on the roof structure.  This afternoon the site will remain closed to operationally allow for the safe removal of the snow from the roof.

Councillor Chris Mayne, Chair of Engineering, Environmental Services and Works indicated; “as a precaution, since there is more winter to come, we have decided to remove some snow from the roof.  This precaution will also improve drainage from the roof as we enter spring.”

The Chair of Community Services, Councillor Johanne Brousseau stated; “the City appreciates and recognizes the inconveniences this has caused for our user groups, the North Bay Battalion and general public.  Your continued patience is appreciated.”

The facility will be re-opened for public use on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 7 AM.


John Severino, P.Eng.
 City Engineer - Infrastructure & Operations