New drinking water protection zone signs installed

(Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – North Bay, ON) – Residents will notice new “Drinking Water Protection Zone” signs on Trout Lake Road and other roads across the region.

These signs are part of the North Bay-Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection program to protect municipal drinking water sources and create public awareness that certain activities in specific areas may impact a municipal water supply.

“Protecting our municipal water sources is important for the health of our community, so it’s important that we are all aware of where these vulnerable areas are,” said City of North Bay Mayor Al McDonald.  “These signs will also act as a reminder to first responders so that public water sources can be protected in the event of a spill.”

In total, 15 signs will be installed throughout the region including the two signs installed last week on Trout Lake Road at Lakeside Drive and Lee’s Rd.  Signs are also being installed on roads in Callander, Mattawa, South River and Machar to mark the Drinking Water Protection Zones in those municipalities. The Ministry of Transportation will post signs on Highway 11 in Powassan and on Highway 63 east of North Bay marking designated protection zones. 

“The vulnerability of each municipal drinking water source varies as does the activities which could put them at risk of contamination.  What’s most important is for the public to be sensitive to the fact that some activities in these areas can have an impact,” said Jeff Celentano, Chair of the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Committee which developed the Source Protection Plan for this region.

If a spill occurs within a vulnerable area, the public should call the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s Spills Action Centre at 1-800-268-6060 and indicate that the spill is within a vulnerable area.

Installation of the Drinking Water Protection Zone signs is one of the initiatives in the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Plan to help reduce the threat of contamination of municipal drinking water supplies. A full copy of the plan, and maps of the vulnerable areas, can be found at  Property owners can check to see if their homes fall within a vulnerable area.

The North Bay-Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection Program is overseen by a multi-stakeholder Source Protection Committee, administered by North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority and funded by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.


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The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) provides drinking water source protection, watershed management, septic approval and stewardship programs throughout the region.