In March 2013 City of North Bay council approved a budget for expanding the cities CCTV (Closed Circuit  Television Cameras) program to the downtown core to “heighten public confidence” in the area. The City of North Bay in conjunction with the Downtown Improvement Area has been studying the need for security CCTV in the downtown area since that time

Over the next few weeks, work to complete Phase II of the Downtown CCTV Video project will begin. Installations will take place at the Fraser Street and Main Street intersection and also at the City of North Bay owned 330 Main St E property.

The installation at the Fraser Street and Main intersection will consist of three (3) CCTV cameras. One (1) camera will be facing East down Main Street towards Ferguson Street, another facing West down Main Street towards Cassells Street and one facing south towards Oak St. 

The other installation at the City owned 330 Main Street property will consist of two (2) CCTV cameras mounted on the Main Street side of the canopy facing west towards Sherbrooke Street. 

In addition, one (1) camera will be installed on the Main and Wyld Street intersection facing north towards McIntyre Street and one (1) camera will be installed at the Main and Ferguson intersection looking south towards Oak Street.

Camera placement is for security only.  Cameras will not be monitored and only accessed if requests meet the City of North Bay Video Policy.

The target completion date is September 15, 2017.


Robin Cameron

Project Coordinator – City of North Bay

705 474-0400 ext. 2313