North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee introduces the ‘Heritage Diary Podcast’

The Municipal Heritage Committee is pleased to announce its newest endeavor – the ‘Heritage Diary Podcast.’ The Heritage Diary Podcast will look at our town, our people and our stories with the overarching goal of bringing our local history alive and to the forefront in a new and innovative manner.

The host of the Heritage Diary Podcast, Peter Handley, will utilize his many years of broadcast experience to interview residents of the city with knowledge on both existing Heritage Site Plaques and aspects of North Bay’s heritage that remain relatively unexplored. The goal of the Heritage Diary Podcast is not only to retell old tales, but also to kindle interest in area history. Local lore is important to any community and we should not let it go unremarked and unremembered.

The Heritage Diary Podcast can be found on the City’s website at Episodes will soon be available on standard podcast platforms.

Two podcasts are being made available on September 20th, 2018. The first will discuss the origins of the Municipal Heritage Committee. The second will explore the history of the Capitol Centre with special guest Barry Burniston, who has previously written extensively on the subject of the Capitol Centre.

New episodes of the Heritage Diary Podcast will be released on the 20th of every month. Future topics will include a discussion of North Bay’s Courthouses, the BOMARC Missile and the Barry Building Explosion.

For more information about the Heritage Diary Podcast, or to suggest a topic and/or guest for a future episode, you can visit the Municipal Heritage Committee's Website or contact Peter Carello, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Municipal Heritage Committee, at the undersigned.


Peter Carello
 Senior Planner, Current Operations
 (705) 474-0400 x2409