Potential scam involving door-to-door salesman selling water filtration system

The City of North Bay wishes to advise residents that it has learned of a potential scam involving the door-to-door sale of water filters.  The individuals claim to be representing the City of North Bay and travel door to door advising residents that the City water supply is contaminated and that they need to purchase a water filter to ensure safe drinking water. They have asked residents for personal and banking information and/or a VOID cheque.

The information being distributed is FALSE. These individuals DO NOT represent the City of North Bay in any capacity.

Residents are advised , if they are approached by any individual(s) claiming to represent the City of North Bay that they ask to view their City issued identification and/or contact our Public Works Dispatch at 705-474-4340.  Residents are also advised to contact the North Bay Police Department if they feel individuals are falsely representing themselves and attempting to gain personal or banking information.