Sharing the Road on Memorial Drive

North Bay, ON – June 25, 2020 – Shared lane pavement markings and signage are being added to the advisory bike lanes on Memorial Drive to help highlight how cyclists and motorists are sharing the road.

Share the Road Signs will be installed every 400 metres along the roadway, while sharrows – two chevrons above a bicycle symbol – will be painted on the pavement. The work is expected to be completed June 30.

Advisory bike lanes were recently added to Memorial Drive as a pilot project aimed at diverting high speed commuter cyclist traffic off of the Kate Pace Way Multi Use Recreational Trail onto the roadway.

Advisory lanes are to remind motorists that they are sharing the road with cyclists. They are often placed at roadsides with width challenges as a means to remind drivers that bikes are permitted to use Canada’s municipal or federal roadways unless otherwise designated, or to promote the road as a bikeway component of a greater city-wide network. These Advisory lanes are placed at proximate dimensions and permit the use of vehicle use in the lane when required. In all cases, vehicles are to yield to Advisory Lane Cyclists where safe passing widths are not available and may only pass when spaces permit.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, both as a recreational activity and as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. The City of North Bay recognizes that cycling is important to many residents and is working towards making North Bay a more bicycle-friendly city. 

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Gord Young
 Communications Officer
 705 474-0626 ext. 2505