Shrubs, plants restoring shore at Amelia Beach

(Wednesday, June 16, 2016 – North Bay, ON) – Amelia Beach will see more than 500 new plants and shrubs planted between the benches and roadway to help reduce wind erosion and runoff to Lake Nipissing.

The plantings are part of the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s (NBMCA) Restore Your Shore Program which offers free plants and planting assistance to shoreline and stream bank property owners throughout the region to help protect water quality.

“Together with the existing trees that border the beach, these plants will help create a micro environment.  The species were chosen for their ability to tolerate and survive the sun and dry soil there,” said Peggy Walsh Craig, NBMCA’s Stewardship Coordinator.

A total of 209 square metres will be planted.  A 38 metre access to the beach and the beach itself will remain open.

“Our environment and waterways are critical to future generations and protecting the quality of life we enjoy in our great city,” said City of North Bay Mayor Al McDonald. “Not only will the planting help beautify the shoreline of Amelia Beach, it will also act as a buffer reducing the runoff that can pollute our lake.”

Restore Your Shore is a free program, providing shoreline assessments, planting plans, plants and planting assistance at no cost to shoreline and stream bank property owners within the NBMCA jurisdiction.

Planting plans and plant selections take into account the site conditions and preferences of the property owners including waterfront views and access.   Participating property owners approve the planting plans and agree to maintain the plantings.

Last year 36 property owners helped protect their watercourses through NBMCA’s Restore Your Shore Program. Close to 2 kilometres of shorelines and streambanks were planted with more than 5,000 trees, shrubs and perennials.

“A vegetated shoreline helps prevent erosion and run-off, both of which can add phosphorus - a nutrient that promotes the growth of blue-green algae - from entering the waterways,” added Walsh Craig. “Many property owners are pleased not to have to mow so much grass once the shoreline is planted.”

New funding has enabled NBMCA to expand the program this year to include all the streams, rivers, lakes and waterways in its jurisdiction. Properties from Mattawa to North Bay to Powassan and Chisholm Township and communities in between which have grass to the shoreline or limited vegetation are ideal candidates for the program.

Restore Your Shore is more than halfway to its goal of planting 30 shorelines. Funding is limited to 30 properties that will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

People can book appointments for shoreline assessments or learn more by visiting or contact NBMCA at 705 474-5420.

The 2016 Restore Your Shore program is supported with funding from Ontario’s Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund and RBC Blue Water Project.


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The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) provides drinking water source protection, watershed management, septic approval and stewardship programs throughout the region.