Spring Thaw: Tips to Protect Your Home

City of North Bay operations crews have been busy dealing with the onset spring, thawing frozen culverts, clearing storm grates and removing snow from ditches to allow water to flow to larger storm watercourses throughout the City.

Flooding and pooling on streets is an inconvenience that often occurs at this time of year, but the top priority for our crews is to first focus on issues that could cause property damage. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Citizens should exercise normal precautions in the vicinity of drainage ditches. Given the current thaw and rainfall, we recommend the following:

  • Check your sump pit and pump to ensure it is operating and it is not blocked by debris.
  • Reposition your roof downspout, if necessary, to direct water away from the foundation and neighbouring properties.
  • Valuables stored on basement floors should be moved to a safe location if you are concerned about flooding.

If your basement floods - Do not enter a flooded basement without rubber boots and do not touch anything metal. Contact your hydro utility and gas utility for disconnects, if necessary. If your basement is flooded with sewage, Contact Public Works Dispatch at 705-474-4340, as a first step.


Gord Young
 Communications Officer
 705 474-0626 ext. 2505