Statement from the City of North Bay re: Pokémon Go

NORTH BAY, ON – July 20, 2016 – With the sudden and rising popularity of the Pokémon Go app, the City of North Bay would like to remind budding Pokémon trainers to continue to use common sense while trying to catch ‘em all.  City parks and streets can be great places to catch your next Pokémon, we just ask that you be respectful of these areas and the community members utilizing them.  Please obey the City’s municipal by-laws, any site specific rules and the rules of the road.  Should you come across a Pokémon in one of our municipal buildings (i.e. City Hall, Fire Hall, etc.) please capture your Pokémon from the outside, not the inside.  Our buildings are places of business that serve members of the public and this activity has the potential to distract and detract from that work.  Also, please remember to stay safe while you have fun.


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