Business in North Bay

We're a business friendly community: low-cost serviced industrial land with multinational industry residing in harmony among beautiful parks and recreational facilities; power centres outside of the downtown core; A new $550 million state-of-the-art Regional Health Centre, and an extensive educational infrastructure.

For more information about business in North Bay, please visit the Economic Development Department's website at Invest in North Bay.

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North Bay Ranks high in KPMG Global Competitive Analysis

This important study involved more than 100 cities in 10 countries, including all 50 US States and looked at 27 significant cost components in 17 different business operations.

North Bay took part in the KPMG global Competitive Analysis 2008, and ranked 3rd overall compared to other 12 Ontario Communities as a cost-competitive location to do business and had a 3.5% cost operating advantage over the USA.

The Analysis indicates that North Bay has strong advantages in the Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing and IT Sectors

Download a copy of the executive summary of the KPMG Competitive Analysis.

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